Please and Thank you

Please and thank you are easy words to say,

Please and thank you we say it every day.

Please and thank you we say it as we care,

Please and thank you we say it everywhere.

I love the flowers

I love the flowers ,

I hug the trees,

I eat honey,

It comes from the bees. 


Jungle is a Jungle

Jungle is a Jungle

Where all animals live,

You can here strange noises, that is what Jungle gives.

You can meet a monkey and a tiger too,

Jungle is a Jungle nothing like a zoo!


Rabbits love carrots and so do I,

It makes me happy so I don`t cry.

Carrots are sleeping under the ground,

Let`s go to the garden and pull one out!

Friends with Wings


I have two friends who have wings;

They look alike, as they are twins.

They can whisper in my ears from the left and from the right.

They shine like a star at night;

They are kind and they are bright.

When I am sad, they make me happy;

They hug me just like my daddy.

When I am growing, they help me to walk;

When I am learning to write, they give me chalk.

When I am cheerful, they are singing;

They ring their bells: ling-a-ling-ling.

When I am tired, they stroke my head;

They tell me, “It is time for bed!”

They tell me a fairy tale about an angel’s world;

They tell me they fly just like a bird.

When I am sleeping, they stay with me;

When I wake up, they make me tea.

They have no names.

I call them my friends with wings.

They always have some magical things.

I love them so much, and they love me, too;

If I can have friends with wings, so can you!

Vegetables versus Sweets:

The Fight



Mr. Cucumber went for a walk; he wanted to meet his friend for a talk.


When he met Mr. Tomato on his way, it was a really nice and sunny day.


“Hello, Mr. Tomato, how are you?”


“I am very well, thank you; how do you do?”


“I am a little sad,” replied Mr. Cucumber.


“Why is that so?” Asked Mr. Tomato.


“Children do not want to eat me; not even one child wants me for his tea.”


“Oh no!” said Mr. Tomato. “Don’t be so sad! They don’t want me, either, so I was getting mad. But then I had an idea; do you want to hear?”


“Yes!” Said the cucumber. “I’ll open my ears!”


“We have to have a fight against the sweets:


It is all their fault and they ruin children’s teeth.


We will invite Mr. Chocolate and Mrs. Candy for a meeting,


But we have to be sure that they will get a great greeting.


We will tell them politely that they need to go away,


They have to hide in jars and boxes; this is the only way.”


“Mr. Tomato! I am your fan, but do not you think that we need a plan?”


“Mr. Cucumber, you are so right. Talk to them first, and then we will fight.


We will need more vegetables. Do you have friends?”


“Yes, I do:


Mr. Cauliflower, Mrs. Cabbage, Mr. Pepper; and how about you?”


“I’ve got Mr. Broccoli, Mrs. Carrot, Mr. Beetroot and Mr. Bean;

He is the strongest one and he is so green.”


“This sounds perfect. Let`s go, then, and tell them of our great plan.”


All the vegetables were really happy, so they started to get ready.


“We will need weapons,” said Mr. Bean,


“A few jars, and they must be clean.”


Mr. Potato sent a letter to Mr. Chocolate and Mrs. Candy,


Even though letters weren’t very trendy.


When Mrs. Candy received the letter,


She was just eating a tasty cracker.


She finished eating and rang the emergency bell;


For the sweets, this was the worst hell.


Jellies, lollypops and chocolate came together for a chat


They were talking for hours, you can bet!


Then they decided to say yes to the invitation;


They thought they could have a good negotiation.


It was a rainy day when they had the meeting.


It started well, with a good, planned greeting.


As they were discussing certain issues,


Sweets started to throw up some tissues.


“Children love sweets and hate vegetables.


You are in our way; you are the obstacles!”


“Gentlemen!” Said Mr. Tomato. “Where are your manners?”


He got a stick and pointed at their banners.


“If we neither agree nor cooperate,



We have to sit down and recuperate!


Everybody is tired, we are losing our voice;


Throwing tissues does not help, nor does the loud noise.”


“What do you suggest, then?” asked Mrs. Candy,


“As a fair solution would be really handy.”


“I suggest a fair fight with weapons,


On a huge field under the heavens,”

Replied Mr. Tomato. Then he left the room,


He got worried as he saw an incoming fume.


When he saw Mr. Cucumber cleaning jars in the hall,


He calmed down and told him that he was on the ball.


Mr. Cucumber put labels on each and every pot


He made sure to wash off every little blot.


Mr. Tomato went back to the meeting;


He started to have a really good feeling.

“Have you decided on the fight?”


he asked.


“It is time to make decisions, am I right?”


Mr. Chocolate stood up from his chair,


With his action, he stopped the ongoing blare.


“We came to a conclusion after all the discussion,


As we woke up from the sudden concussion.


We don`t want to fight; we want love and peace,


However, we would like to have a lease.


We will live in jars hidden on the shelves,


But we also want to please ourselves.


So, you have to pay us for our nice gesture,


And to protect all the children’s denture.


We don’t want to feel like runaways,


From your money, we can go on holidays.


If you don’t like our concept, we are going to fight;


After all, it’s a fair decision, am I not right?”


After sitting silently and having a long stare,


Mr. Cauliflower jumped up from his chair.


“Mr. Chocolate! What an idea! I am so thrilled.


It seems that, after all, you are the most skilled.”


Mr. Potato stood up, too,


“Great concept, well done to you!”


All the vegetables started to smile,


They had always thought that sweets were just vile.


“Can we shake hands, then?” asked Mrs. Candy,


“After all, that would be dandy.”


Mr. Tomato said, “Yes, we can,


Even if this was not the plan.”


But as Mr. Chocolate said at the end of the day,


“Instead of fighting, love and peace is the way.”


So they shook hands with each other,


They started to talk like sister and brother.


They still have some meetings now and then;


Are you a sweet or a vegetable fan?