The pen is mightier than the sword

``The pen is mightier than the sword``

   Is this true or is this false?

   Use your words and not your weapon,

   In this way peace can happen.

   Send a great message through the media,

   Especially if you are in academia.

   Teachers must be role models,

   Do not dawdle to use your noddles

``The pen is mightier than the sword`` 

   Wrote Edward Bulver-Lytton in Cardinal Richelieu

   I love using my pen for great things and how about you?

Be still

Be still and know that I`m God,

Be happy through trials and painful blood.

For my promise that I keep,

In the middle of the storm, do not weep!

Praise my name in the dry desert,

Then you will win the sweet dessert.

If my answer is late, it doesn`t mean that I don`t hear you,

I know my timing, only I know what is good for you!

Don`t forget to praise God when the sky is grey,

You have to do nothing, but have faith and pray!

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Why do we give up on each other when God never gives up on us?
Why don`t we say ``you can do it!``
Why do we say ``don`t make a fuss!``
Why don`t we have patience when God has it all? 
Why don`t we give a hand? 
This could be a great goal! 
Why can`t we love like Jesus? 
Why is it so hard to do? 
Let`s ask this in prayer!
Make it a daily task for me and for you!