19. Apr, 2015

Villasar de Mar

Buenos Dias Spain, Buenos Dias Friends!
I am in Spain for now
What are the local trends?
It`s trendy to drink Vino Tinto
And eat chorizo with cheese,
It`s trendy to chit chat with friends
And when you drink, you say cheers! (Salud)
Catalan people are very warm and helpful,
Although as a foreigner, learning their language is useful.
At least say``Hola``and``Que tal`` or ``Diga`` when you pick up the phone,
Be nice, smile and always use a friendly tone!
It`s worth to visit many places in Spain,
You can travel by``Renfe``, that is the name for the train.
I visited Sitges and Girona with its long wall,
Sport is very popular here, especially football.
When Barça plays against Real Madrid
Better you stay in a pub,
There, you can feel local
And be part of the (real) social hub.
I live in Villasar de Mar
Not far from Barcelona,
I couldn`t live in a busy city,
I am not that kind of persona.
When I wake up, I have the view of the sea,
on the balcony I drink coffee, that`s my cup of tea.
When I walk by the beach, I see the surfers surfing,
This place is ideal for everything even for soul searching.
It has the sea and the mountain too
Maresme is THE place
I highly recommend it to you!