19. Apr, 2015

Buenos Dias Spain, Buenos Dias Friends!
I am in Spain for now
What are the local trends?
It`s trendy to drink Vino Tinto
And eat chorizo with cheese,
It`s trendy to chit chat with friends
And when you drink, you say cheers! (Salud)
Catalan people are very warm and helpful,
Although as a foreigner, learning their language is useful.
At least say``Hola``and``Que tal`` or ``Diga`` when you pick up the phone,
Be nice, smile and always use a friendly tone!
It`s worth to visit many places in Spain,
You can travel by``Renfe``, that is the name for the train.
I visited Sitges and Girona with its long wall,
Sport is very popular here, especially football.
When Barça plays against Real Madrid
Better you stay in a pub,
There, you can feel local
And be part of the (real) social hub.
I live in Villasar de Mar
Not far from Barcelona,
I couldn`t live in a busy city,
I am not that kind of persona.
When I wake up, I have the view of the sea,
on the balcony I drink coffee, that`s my cup of tea.
When I walk by the beach, I see the surfers surfing,
This place is ideal for everything even for soul searching.
It has the sea and the mountain too
Maresme is THE place
I highly recommend it to you!

23. Oct, 2014

It is hard to let it go
What can you do?
Just do it so!
With tears and laughter,
Pain and joy,
Like a crying child
Who`s just lost his toy;
And as you do it
As you let it go,
You realize that
Summer is as nice as Winter with snow

15. Jun, 2014

It`s not the destination but the way what is important
I do not wish for big things in life, just to be content
Always trust God and let your soul remain calm
Whatever happens to you, God is your heavenly balm

4. Jun, 2014

The Sun and the Rain have a little fight
The sky one day is grey and one day is bright
Their quarrel happens so often that
When the soil gets hard by the Sun, Rain comes to soften
Because of their fight Irish land is breathtakingly green
Everyone loves The Green Irish Nature even the English queen.

2. Jun, 2014

Real friends are always there for you
In happiness and in trouble too
They don`t get angry when you have no time
They know that being healthily selfish is not a crime
Real friends are sent by God or by the Universe
They appreciate your talent and this well written verse :)